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Type of Entry:Ambient
Category:Small Scale Special Solutions
Entrant Company : DDB NEW YORK, USA
Advertising Agency : DDB NEW YORK, USA
Name Company Position
Matt Eastwood DDB New York Chief Creative Officer
Menno Kluin DDB New York Executive Creative Director
Andrew Mckechnie DDB New York Group Creative Director
Juan Carlos Pagan DDB New York Head Of Design
Sam Shepherd DDB New York Associate Creative Director/Art Director
Frank Cartagena DDB New York Associate Creative Director/Copywriter
Brian Gartside DDB New York Sr. Designer
Aaron Stephenson DDB New York Designer
Kyle Mcmorrow DDB New York Director/Editor
Nina Horowitz DDB New York Producer
Dr. Theresa Dankovich DDB New York Chemist
Ralph Navarro DDB New York Director Integrated Production
Ed Zazzera DDB New York Head Of Production
Description of Ambient execution:
The intent of the Drinkable Book is to be able to teach people safe water habits while also providing them with a solution to actually clean their water. And at the end of the day, the real hero of the product is the innovation behind the paper.
To create it, Water is Life partnered with scientists and engineers at Carnegie Mellon University. We soon discovered that soaking blotting paper a silver nanoparticle formula resulted in a new type of water filter. It basically works like a scientific coffee filter that’s capable of killing deadly waterborne diseases, such as hepatitis, cholera and E. coli.

After the initial discovery and lab testing, the new filters were brought to South Africa to test in the field. There, we confirmed that it kills 99.99% of the deadly bacteria that is filtered through it. And that each 4x4 inch sheet can provide someone with one-month worth of clean water to someone in need.

After creating the paper, the next most important aspect of the book was the design. It’s all about functionality and beauty. Each page is perforated, making it easy to tear out the filters. The ink we used to print is food grade, making it 100% safe for consumption. And the biodegradable, 3d printed box that the book comes in is also a water basin and drain, allowing gravity to naturally push the contaminated water through each filter.

But the most amazing part of The Drinkable Book is that these filters open up a brand new revenue stream for WATERisLIFE and have the potential to revolutionize water purification as a whole. Each filter cost just pennies to make and are extremely sustainable. One book alone will provide in the developing world with clean water for up to four years.